Beijing TREND Hi-Tech was founded in 2001. Since the beginning as a local supplier of insulating bricks, TREND has developed into a leading supplier of a wide range of insulating materials worldwide.

TREND has the most complete production variety and trademark in domestic at present, is a worldwide supplier of a wide range of Mullite Insulating Firebrick with the most brands and up to ASTM, the leading insulating firebricks manufacturer in China. The mullite bricks Beijing Trend Hi-Tech Insulating Materials Co., Ltd. made are on a leading level quality, output, variety, trade mark in domestic.

TREND have passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system smoothly in November of 2002. To insure the uniformity and stability of product quality, all processes use clean eco-friendly power source - liquefied petroleum gas from fast-drying to high temperature calcining.

The reason for the certification is our desire to maintain a value-adding quality management system based on the following quality objective:

TREND will observe all agreements made regarding delivery times, quantities, specifications and on a current basis will initiate improvements favourable to the customers and to TREND.

The objective will be met through:

Identification of present and future demands, wishes and expectations from the customers, as well as follow-up on our customer’s satisfaction with TREND products and performance.

Management of TREND value-adding processes. This process includes determination of and follow-up on operational targets based on analysis of data and information received from the processes and from the market.

Development of product properties based on demands and specific applications of the customers.

Qualified and devoted employees who carry out the processes based on common values and who are co-responsible for identifying possible improvements.

Maintenance of necessary support processes in order to meet product demands.

Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of quality management.
The 2000 version of the ISO 9001 quality standard has been implemented in all TREND business processes, from customer demands to customer satisfaction, through detailed determination of input to and output from part processes, as well as through defined responsibility and authority of all employees.


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