The TREND products are divided into categories according to temperature from 1093C to 1730C. Depending on the actual application and customer specifications, several of our products may be used in combination or interchangeably.
TREND serves a wide range of heat-intensive industries world-wide. These products are used in various industrial kilns and furnaces and as lining in hearth and heating appliances. For example: Aluminium Industry, cement, paper, pulp, lime, iron and steel, glass, and ceramic industries, as well as incineration and power plants

Bricks & blocks

They are available in international standard sizes as well as various shapes.

Max. service temperature: Up to 1730C (3150F)
Back-up insulation
Excellent insulating properties
High mechanical strength
Light weight
Good thermal shock resistance
Increasing strength at rising temperatures
A wide range of bricks and blocks in various combinations of bulk density, thermal conductivity and crushing strength
Primarily used for back-up insulation, typically in industrial furnaces behind a refractory lining.

Insulating mortars

The range of our mortars is recommended for jointing of TREND bricks/blocks and for fixing TREND slabs. The mixes are adjusted to each product in terms of joint strength and insulation value.

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