The TDM130¡ªTDM160 series of IFB are classified by temperature and applications. Each type is formulated to meet specific thermal and physical requirements and after firing is machined to precise tolerances on all surfaces.
TDM IFB are made from high purify refractory clays and other ceramic raw materials, these insulating firebricks contain a carefully graded organic filler which is burned out during manufacturing to give a uniform controlled pore structure.

Low thermal conductivity
Gives good thermal insulation, enabling the use of thin-walled

Low Heat Storage
Lower heat storage versus dense brick means reduced fuel costs in cycli-cally operated heating equipment.
High Insulating Value
The light weight and high insulating value of TREND IFB make possible thinner furnace walls, improved efficiency and lower operating costs..

High Purity
The very low iron and alkali flux content confers good refractoriness and the high alumina content contributes to their stability in reducing atmosphere.
Accurate Dimensions
Because TREND Insulating Fire Brick are machined to precise dimensions courses can be laid quickly and easily. The result is a stronger
refractory lining resulting in less heat loss through the joints.

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